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things that go boom and other fun activites!

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Exploding baloons!!!
Exploding baloons!!!

All right this has got to be one of the awesomest things ive ever seen!

These are the things you will need to make the explosive baloons: Propane gas, paper, a ballon, tape and a lighter.

To get started you need to fill the ballon with the gas it has to be real gas not liquid gas becuz that wont work.

Then make a fuse out of paper by taping about 5 vertically placed sheets of paper together Then roll it closed. Flatten it. Then tape it closed. Once you are done, tape it to one of your balloons. Then your pretty much done, but you might want to put a tiny bit of gasoline on the paper so it burns better and it wont go out. (or you could buy a real fuse)

you can also use butain gas