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things that go boom and other fun activites!

Blank page
dumpster diving
co2 bomb
fun with prank calls
chemicals and were to get 'em
Tennis ball bomb
smoke bombs!
kick ass trick or treatin
$10 gun
EMP bombs!!!
EMP bombs (REAL)
floppy disk omb
aerial mortars
cheatin change machines
Exploding baloons!!!
Blank page

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This page seriously only concerns me because im gonna just store my idea(s)on this page and since no one will understand them but me you should just ignore this page and act like its not here.
To get a almost free
UHC Tactical 9 Spring Airsoft Rifle go to wr isnsider make multiple acounts and do the surveys over and over and then use the points on amazon gift cards cuz airsplat uses amazon to sell most of there products including this one


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