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In this edition we will discuss how to make and use a simple, tiny, and powerful bomb that I like to call the co2 bomb. it is widely used by many anarchists and pyrotechics around the country for taking out mailboxes, toilets, and blowing out locks. It can also be used in conjunction with other items such as rockets or nut busters (shown in a later article) or as a blasting cap for larger bombs (propane or other natural gases). It can also be used for crowd control or killing if shrapnel is added.

What you need:

An empty co2 canister - used cartredges from air guns - any size or carbonating machines (12g.) or lifevests on airoplanes (16g. usually)

gunpowder or something - a gun store for reloading (making) similar.

a hole puncher - hardware store for punching holes in leather

fuse - (preferably cannon - cannon is the fuse of choice because it burns at a steady rate and is water proof) it can be bought either at a well stocked gun store or a well stocked fireworks distributor.

a thick pice of paper or a tiny funnel - hardware store, kitchenware section of department store or your own kitchen. the paper on the other hand can be notebook paper as long it's not too thin.

shrapnel (optional) - tiny bb's or buckshot or tiny slivers of metal.


1. Use hole puncher to widen the already pierced hole at the neck of the cartridge. Widen it as muchcan (usually about 3mm. wide)

1.5 You have the choice of putting a tiny bit of shrapnel in. Not too much, just about 1/8 full should do it.

2. Either fold the paper in half and direct the powder down slowly into the neck of the cartridge by the crease or use the funnel. the idea is to fill the cartridge with the powder.

3. Insert the fuse, preferably 6 inches because you really want to be no where near this when it goes off.

4. Presto! you now have a ready to light co2 bomb that can be lit and thrown!!!

For timed fuses for anything with cannon fuse (if you or a friend smokes). light the cigarette and break off the filter. Then place the unlit side into the cannon fuse until it is weged on but still an inch or two away from the lit part. Then place it somewhere (a trash can in a public place) and wait between 5 and 10 minutes.

This bomb is not impact explosive (in the case of gunpowder) if your incindeary is not inpact explosive so it is relitively safe as long as bombs are concerned. Shrapnel is very dangerous because it will go everywhare and it is molten metal ripping and tearing the skin. So please take extreme care. If placed on the ground it will travel in the air for several feet. Also can send out bits of it's own shell even if you don't add shrapnel. All in all dangerous to explode near civilians and will easily blow the top out of any U.S. approved mailbox across the street.

It is also, by the way, my favorite bomb.

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