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Guns are expensive. This is a way to make a cheap one-shot gun for self defense. You won’t be able to get off more than one shot, as it takes time to reload, but it’s the shot no one knows you have. The materials you need are as follows:

1. 1.5cm diameter steel pipe length:20-30cm.

2. PVC pipe so that the steel pipe fits snugly into it.

3. Cap for the steel pipe.

4. Cap for the PVC pipe.

5. Epoxy.

6. Tape

7. A few boxes of matches.

8. Piece of wood.

9. Knife.

10. Drill.

You can get most of this stuff at a DIY store near you.

How to make the pipe gun.

1. Take the steel pipe, attach and epoxy the cap to one end.

2. Take the plastic pipe, attach and epoxy the cap to one end.

3. Insert the steel pipe into the plastic one, using epoxy to bind them.

4. Bind both pipes around with tape (the plastic pipe and the tape are a safety measure, you don’t have use them, unless you value the use of your hands).

5. Wait for the epoxy

6. Drill a 5mm hole 2.5cm from the capped end, through the tape and both pipes.

7. Cut the striking part off a matchbox and glue or tape it next to the hole.

8. The barrel is basically finished. You can use it just like this for extra concealment and skip the steps 9 and 10.

9. Cut the piece of wood into the shape of a handle, with a grove on the top to fit the barrel.

10. Epoxy the barrel to the handle. You could also use metal brackets but this way is securer.

To load your new pipe gun: Cut a matchbox or two worth of match heads, make sure the wooden part of the match is totally removed. Crumble the match heads up some, wrap them in a piece of tissue paper or some such thin paper and stuff it down the tube with a rod. Alternately you can use gunpowder, if you can get it. Now, take several nails, ball bearings, fishing weights or something like that and push them down the barrel on top of the tissue and match heads. To fire the gun, take a match, strike against the striking pad you glued to the barrel and insert it into the hole: BANG. This weapon is rather limited because it can’t hit anything at a distance of more than about 3m. Best is pointing it directly at your attacker’s eye from a distance of 10 cm. I don’t take any responsibility if you use this weapon to injure yourself or anyone else.

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