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things that go boom and other fun activites!

Blank page
dumpster diving
co2 bomb
fun with prank calls
chemicals and were to get 'em
Tennis ball bomb
smoke bombs!
kick ass trick or treatin
$10 gun
EMP bombs!!!
EMP bombs (REAL)
floppy disk omb
aerial mortars
cheatin change machines
Exploding baloons!!!


mentos and coke: Im sure most people have heard of the rumor were if you put mentos and coke together they will have a chemical reaction and the coke will shoot ten feet into the air... well I tried it and it actually was true. (I will put a video up soon)

the works and aluminum foil:Ok, I learned how to make a homemade bomb. All you need is a plastic bottle, aluminum foil, and the works toilet bowl cleaner. Ok after you have the plastic bottle roll the aluminum into A bunch of tiny balls and fill the plastic bottle 3/4 of the way up with the aluminum balls. Afterwards fill it with the works all the way to the top then put the cap on and stand back for about 2 minutes. Then boom, it explodes!