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things that go boom and other fun activites!

Blank page
dumpster diving
co2 bomb
fun with prank calls
chemicals and were to get 'em
Tennis ball bomb
smoke bombs!
kick ass trick or treatin
$10 gun
EMP bombs!!!
EMP bombs (REAL)
floppy disk omb
aerial mortars
cheatin change machines
Exploding baloons!!!


hello this is my site. and first off if n e 1 ever visits it and realizes that everything on this site is stolen from other sites i would like to tell you that i dont care because this site is just for me to have all the funnest ideas on 1 site so i wouldnt have to go thru a bunch of sites tryin to find the ideas again. i did not make n e of these ideas up.

if you wanna see the site n e way get started by clicking on the navigation bar on the left and go to the other pages of the site.