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Tau army ideas


1st Scheme
2nd Scheme

Colors neede are...

for Crisis and Fire Warriors is a Chaos Black base coat with Catachan Green for all armour plates. Tau sept markings and HQ-head are painted with Bleached Bone. Missiles are Skull White and lights/eyes are Blood Red. The "bolts" on the pulse rifles and crisis suits are painted with Boltgun Metal.

The Stealth Suits are painted with Chaos Black, and all armour plates are painted in Boltgun Metal. Tau sept markings are Bleached Bone, and the plate on top of the Burst Cannon casing is painted Catachan Green. I wanted my Stealths to be darker than the standard force and at the same time give a somewhat shimmering appearance on the field.

Tau skin is painted Codex Grey, and the Ethereal has a robe in Bleached Bone, with Catachan Green clothes showing on the arms and down at the legs.



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My possible color schemes