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how to make a floppy disk bomb

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Anyway, you only need a few materials, and they are as follows:

* 1 3.5" floppy disk
* A few matchbooks with RED or WHITE strike powder ONLY!! Blue will not work!!
* Nail polish overcoat
* small fingernail file

Alright, it is very easy to make these, so if you fuck it up, you're a retard. Alright, first step is to file all the match powder off all the matches and collect a decent amount of it in a pile.

Second, open up the floppy disk and remove the two cloth guards (if you've never opened a floppy disk before, you'll know when you open it).

Take the nail polish and liberally apply it to the magnetic disk. As you're applying the nail polish, take the powder and sprinkle it all around on the polish. The polish will bunch up on the disk, hence why you should apply liberally. Put the disk back together (getting the spring back in place can be a bitch). Label it whatever, and give it to your victim telling them there is something they should see, or just break into their house and put it in the comp yourself. When they go to access "my computer", the computer will attempt to read the disk, causing a spark, and thus... an explosion.

By the way, the explosion usually stays inside the computer itself, so you have slight chance of it hurting your victim. Only his computer.

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