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Here are some basic DO's and DONT's of prank phone calls. Thats it for the intro so get with the DO's.


1. If your area / line provider-dude-thing (I don't know the technical term) has a number that with-holds the callers number then always use it. Here in N. Ireland it is 141, I don't know about other places.
2. Call as late at night as possible. If you are worried about upsetting some old woman then prank phone calls are not for you. I'd recommend staying at a friend's house and calling about 1 or 2 in the morning. Remember, the later; the better and also people only expect late-night calls for emergencies (eg: some dude has died or something).
3. Phoning people you know is twice as fun but twice as risky. It is best to try on your friends dad on a Friday / Saturday night when he's pisst. If you can get teachers' phone numbers it is fuckin brilliant.


1. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT burst out in fits of laughter. Keep a straight face and imagine your TV exploded or some shit like that.
2. Don't make it obvious that it is a prank straight away. You want to make up a name and say you are from the Local Health Committee or some crap like that. Then give them the prank.


Now we are gonna give you some ideas for pranks.


We had to put this first because as we write this we are still paranoid about the same trick we used about an hour ago. We phoned three pizza places and seven chinese deliveries. We ordered the most expensive things without making it seem too obvious and sent them all to a house across the road. We grabbed a bag of popcorn and sat in the bedroom looking out the window. 15 mins later a chinese dude came with a 4-person meal. The man opened the door and told him that he didn't order it. As the chinese man left another came and while he was at the door, the pizza guy came. When they were turned away they talked to each other for a long time and this went on for around an hour.

If you are going to try it remember:

1. Use the with-hold trick (mentioned above)
2. Don't make the orders to large or they'll get suspicious.
3. If they ask for a phone number give a fake or a friend's.
4. Remember not ot laugh or mess it up. Stay cool and remember the house number.

That's all for that scam.


Phone up around 3 in the morning and put on a deep / childish voice. Say you're from the Local Pet Assossiation or some shit like that. Ask them do they have a dog. If they say yes then ask them about it's color, size, weight until you piss them off so much that they hang up. If they don't have a dog ask them do they plan on getting one, have they ever had one and crap like that.


1. The Later, the Better.
2. If they ask why you are calling so late then INSIST that it is only around midday.
3. If they hang up then phone them back and say 'that wasn't very nice. If you don't let me get some sleep, I'll call the cops'. Then hang up.

That's all.


If you know a comedy song or a song that fits the purpose (eg: Greenday, the song that starts with 'Wake up, the house is on fire'.) If you can pretend to be pisst then sing any country western song.

Thats all.

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