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Recently there has been a lot of hype based on the EMP - the Electro Magnetic Pulse. On the Matrix we saw these blasting away robots trying to subdue the humans. In real life their uses are often more to do with electronic warfare. The type of pulse I will talk about here is non directional. That is to say the pulse travels out from the device in a circle.

But what is it? Basically it's like a radiowave that when it hits wire generates electricity (I know thats not REALLY it, but this isn't a physics class - besides i'm writing for Americans.) The electronics aren't designed for this sort of surge and burn out. This makes the pulse especially useful against unprotected devices (such as average PC's & CCTV).

Enough of the dull stuff here's how to make it. You need:

1 Aluminium tube.

1 Length of copper wire (enough to wrap around the tube with a bit left over).

Explosive and detonator.

Firstly put the explosives and the detonator into the tube in a standard mid-fuse pattern. Then wrap the wire around the tube from one end to the other making a "circle" of wire at the end (like the TV receivers).

When this is done you detonate the fuse and as the explosion passes down the tube a current is generated down the wire and the pulse is "transmitted" out of that little circle of wire. The size of the pulse depends on the size of the tube and the explosives.

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